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Country Director/Research Manager – Poverty Action Lab

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Indonesia (Jakarta)

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Mon, 01/03/2011 –

J-PAL is looking for a Country Director / Research Manager to manage operations in Indonesia. The position will help J-PAL affiliated professors initiate new partnerships and projects in country, as well as to oversee a variety of ongoing research projects.The position will also have a role in disseminating our results to local practitioners and policy makers, as well as in building local research capacity. The position therefore provides the opportunity to both spend significant time on the field, but also to interact with key players in development organizations, donors, academia, and governments.

The position will start in the summer of 2011. The title and job description will depend on the applicant’s qualifications and experience:

Job Description:

The position will manage the research activities of the J-PAL Indonesia office in the following ways:

  • Initiate and manage the development of new research proposals including both the technical design as well as identifying and applying for funding support.
  • Contribute to research design of projects, with particular emphasis on tailoring research to the local context. Ensure compliance with research design and communicate closely with PIs.
  • Manage relationships with current and potential partner organizations in the implementation of interventions whose effect we are researching.
  • Disseminate results via local and international presentations, reports, and publications.
  • Manage a team of Research Associates, whose responsibilities include project design and implementation, data collection, data management and analysis, and reports.
  • Liaise with US-based and local Principal Investigators.
  • Oversee basic administrative tasks related to the management of the Indonesia office, oversee project budgets, ensure compliance with Indonesian legal and regulatory requirements, participate in grant reporting and other financial management tasks.

Qualifications Required

  • Graduate degree in international affairs, international public policy, development economics, or field related to international economic development.
  • Very high level of proficiency in English. Strong oral and written communications skills.
  • Excellent management and organizational skills and ability to work independently.
  • Experience in conducting field research in developing countries, cultural sensitivity, and demonstrated ability to work successfully with diverse constituencies.
  • Experience in economics or social science research. Field experience very highly valued.


  • Experience with data management, econometrics, and advanced knowledge of Stata.
  • Experience with randomized controlled trials.
  • Prior experience in Southeast Asia. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is preferred but not required.

If you are interested, please do two things:

  1. Complete the J-PAL/IPA common application indicating that you are interested in applying for a “Type 3” position. Please note: you are not required to include transcripts or letters of recommendation upon initial submission. After submitting, you can edit your application at any time and may add these materials, if requested.
  2. Send an email to, following these instructions exactly:

In the subject line:

Put your full name, first (given) name followed by last (family) name.

Attachments: Please attach ONLY your CV.

In the email body: Copy exactly the following position line:

100296 Indonesia, Country Director

Please do not include any text besides the position line(s) in the body of the e-mail. Adding extra text will interfere with the processing of your application.

If you are applying to multiple positions, you can put multiple positions lines in the same email.  And you may send multiple such emails.  However, please do not do this for more than 10 positions per every 6 month period.  So, if you put 10 position lines in one email, then that counts as ten.  Or if you put 4 in one email, and 6 in another, that also counts as ten.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.


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