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PT Telkom Indonesia and SK Tel. Korea

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Joint Venture Company between PT Telkom Indonesia and SK Tel. Korea, engaged in Electronic Digital Content based in Jakarta, currently seeking for qualified person for the following position:

1. Marketing Manager (MOI-MM)

2. Service Operation Manager (MOI-SOM)

3. Service Operation Staff (MOI-SOS)

4. Marketing Staff (MOI-MKT)

5. Accounting Staff (MOI-ACC)

6. Techincal Staff (MOI-TEC)

7. Legal Staff (MOI-LEG)


–          For no: 1 to 7 English skill (speaking & writing), University graduate (S-1)

–          For no: 1& 2 Experience in same field minimum 5 years

–          For no: 1 & 4 Experience in Marketing Strategy & Analysis, Marketing Agency, On Line Marketing, CRM analysis, DRM knowledge, IT knowledge is much better.

–          For no: 2 & 3 Experience in Web Service Planning & Operation, New Service Development

–          For no: 5 experience in KAP minimum 1 year, Accounting background, Tax knowledge

–          For no: 6 must have strong IT background, have experience in system development, database design, programming & project implementation.

–          For no: 7 experience as Legal Staff minimum 1 year & Familiar with license agreement

We offering attractive compensation & career

For more information and online application, please visit:


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