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Function               : Penjualan dan Pemasaran
Type                  :full time
Closing Date    : 07 Mar 2011
Position                      : Pemula
Gender                : Both
Email Address   :

More Information

Position offered:

1. Marketing Executives
2. Marketing support

TOYOTA TSUSHO INDONESIA (TTI) is Jappanese foreign investment company,
affiliation of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, one of the largest trading
companies in Japan, and in the world.

Toyota Tsusho has a worldwide presence through its many subsidiaries and
operating divisions, including over 100 offices, and 500 subsidiaries and
affiliates around the world.

We are looking for talented fresh graduates from top-notch universities
willing to work at the company as full-time employees.

Appplication Requirements:

* Good commands of oral and written English
* Bachleor degree with good academic excellence at University (GPA
above 3.00)
* Any major is welcome to apply
* Proficiency in Japanese languange will be an advantage


1. Marketing Executives

2. Marketing Support


1. Download the pre-defined Application Form
2. Send the Application Form to:
3. No need to attach your CV, recent photograph, or graduation certificate
4. Please write “TOYOTA TSUSHO INDONESIA” as the email subject
5. The latest date to submit your application form is March, 07, 2011


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