Lily Kinomoto

Vacancy at Para Group Business Development Team – Juni 2011

In Accounting / Akuntansi, B. Experience, Bussiness Studies, Job Seeker, Management, S1, S1, S1, S2, S2, S2 on June 24, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Para Group (which is in the process of rebranding to CT Corp), a leading player in financial services, media, retail, and entertainment is currently looking to grow their business development team – both on the corporate finance side as well as strategy.

They are looking for strong junior candidates several years out of undergraduate as well as more experienced candidates interested in exploring opportunities with the business development team at Para Group.

Candidates with strong analytics and communications, ideally combined with some subject matter knowledge of finance, strategy, or one of the industries (e.g. financial services, media, retail, etc.) are welcome to apply.


Attached is a brief overview of the Group to provide some additional background.


If you are interested to apply or ask for more information, please directly contact Mr. Matthew Sinder (Senior Vice President of Business Development for Para Group) at


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