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Job Opportunity at MNC – Juli 2011

In B. Experience, IT / Information Technology / Teknik Informatika, Job Seeker, S1, Technique / Teknik on July 19, 2011 at 2:45 pm

*Business Information System Division Head*


The job position is to manage overall information systems related to the
business. This job position must ensure the 24 hours system operations are
running well and the information to the management, users and customers are

*Duties and Responsibilities*

– Monitoring the maintenance of software and hardware in order to ensure
the functions are running well.
– Evaluating the reliability and integrity of management and financial
information are well-protected, reliable and accurate.
– Working with developers and program users to ensure program
satisfaction and compatibility.
– Develop manuals for user training.
– Working to ensure that jobs are done to meet specific budgets and
– Preparing a testing schedule for any system being developed.
– Keeping abreast with technical and industry-specific developments.
– Be able to point out weak links in a system and come up with solutions
to address the problems.
– Investigation of existing software based on received reports and ensure
the corrective actions.
– Designing and development of new software systems as per business
– Application of mathematical and analytical models for the predication
and measurement of the outcomes and consequences of new designs and
– Evaluation of software and hardware interfaces with the assistance of
engineering staff.
– Development of specifications and requirements for performance so as to
resolve problems reported by customers.
– Analysis of information.
– Monitoring of equipment functionality so as to ensure that the software
system functions optimally.
– ** **

*Skills and Specifications*

– Advanced IT knowledge or degree in computer science preferred to other
– Minimum 10 years experience in relevant job positions.
– Computer hardware and software knowledge, computer security systems and
– Ability align between the business requirements and IT solutions.
– Possess good communication and presentation skills.

– Possess ability to work within strict deadlines.
– Hard working and innovative.
– Possess the ability to inspire and motivate others

** **

** **

Interested candidates please send your update resume to :

Email :

*PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk | MNC Group*


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