Lily Kinomoto

KKI recruitment – Operations Supervisor – September 2011

In A. Any Major, CPNS / BUMN / Pemerintah Non-PNS / Organisasi International, D3, Job Seeker, S1 on September 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm
KKI plans to reach 1,000 borrowers by end of 2011 (from current 275).
To achieve this aggressive growth while maintaining quality, we need someone to supervise the whole process in hands-on manner.
Therefore, we look to recruit 1 Operations Supervisor, who will lead 4-6 Field Officers and be the champion of borrowers’ growth.
We are looking for fresh graduate/almost graduate who (1) has strong social concern, (2) want to contribute to society before start working in corporation, (3) want to learn a lot about poverty, microfinance and social business. The job is full time and duration will be for 6 months, with extension option to 1 year or permanent. The main challenge might be salary, as we can only cover living costs of 1.5mn IDR/month. You can find full detail in the attachment.
However, I promise this person many learning and hands-on coaching from myself and my partner.
Like Indonesia Mengajar, this opportunity will give the person a lifetime experience that will stay no matter what they do in the future.


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