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Surveyor – September 2011

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STATT Consulting

Terms of Reference: Interviewer

For a project to measure community vulnerability to natural hazards

(Duration approximately 1month starting mid-September 2011)


STATT Consulting is an international NGO specialising in working with local communities, governments and foreign donors to assist local communities reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards.
STATT is developing a tool to measure community vulnerability to natural hazards and characterise the community features that lead to communities being vulnerable to natural hazards. The purpose of the tool is to:
  • ·         Help local communities and NGOs understand the factors that contribute to the community being at risk to experiencing harm from natural hazards and strategies to reduce risk
  • ·         Help local communities improve existing approaches to reducing disaster risk, find new ways of reducing disaster risk and develop local response capabilities
  • ·         Help local communities, NGOs, government organisations and foreign donors consider disaster risk using a common unit of measurement. This enables NGOs, government organisations and foreign donors to efficiently and transparently prioritise and allocate resources to communities in need of and who would like assistance
The tool will be built by using a combination of information drawn from communities and national-level data drawn from the Indonesian census and elsewhere. The tool will be developed in Bandung.


  • ·         Face-to-face interviews inspecific sub-districts of Bandung, West Java
  • ·         Surveyors to be drawn from communities of interest, using a ‘random sample’ method
  • ·         All survey data will remain confidential


·         Interviewing will take place from September 2011 until October 2011.

Job Description

The interviewer will be responsible for:
  • ·         Attending training on how to conduct the interviews in mid-September 2011
  • ·         Conducting approximately 100 surveys based on interviews with approximately 100 different households according to the sampling plan. Each interview will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.
  • ·         Liaise with stakeholders including village/sub district leader of the assigned area to conduct the survey, in consultation with STATT Project Manager
  • ·         Ensure that the survey and other relevant activities done to complete the survey, also to be discussed during the training, are implemented to the highest standard of quality
  • ·         Submit regular progress report, field visit reports (if needed), and ensure that the completed data are prepared and submitted in a timely manner and to the highest standard of quality
  • ·         If necessary, provide appropriate advice, suggestions and comments to STATT Project Manager for improvement in the conducting of the survey
  • ·         Delivery of the completed survey forms to STATT

Experience / skills

  • ·         Minimum Bachelor in International Relations, Geography, Psychology, Accounting, Management and/or other related social science
  • ·         Interest in understanding community’s vulnerability to natural hazards
  • ·         Experience in interviewing respondents
  • ·         Good communicating skill with respondents
  • ·         Ability to operate MS Office especially Word and Excel (a must)
  • ·         Access to internet and ability to send reports in electronic file
  • ·         Availability and willingness to travel to project areas in Bandung area
  • ·         Availability to attend a one-day training in mid of September 2011 in Bandung
  • ·         Ability to speak Sundanese is an advantage
  • ·         Experience in working with International NGO is preferable


Please send a current CV and less than one page expression of interest to:
Applications close COB Friday 9 September 2011 5pm WIB

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