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Deadline aplikasi: 15 DECEMBER 2011.
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Position: Data Analyst/Statistician
Recruitment: National

Key Responsibilities:

Data Analysis activities are to support the Unified Database for Social Assistance Programs:

1. Assist in the development of a unified database of the poorest 40% of households in Indonesia to be used for targeting government social programs.
2. Conduct data analysis for anti-poverty research and policy analysis
3. Prepare presentations and draft reports to summarize results of socio-economic data analysis, surveys, and other quantitative research on poverty targeting
4. Conduct merging/matching of large databases (e.g. between the unified database and existing social program beneficiary databases)
5. Develop programs, methodologies, and files for analyzing and presenting data, including analyzing poverty status of beneficiaries in the unified database and compiling data on receipt of program benefits by households in the database
6. Assist with extracting beneficiary data from the unified database based on needs of database users (social programs)
7. Support technical improvements in poverty measurement/analysis, data quality assurance, and updating the data
8. Assist in developing plans and survey tools to monitor and evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the database, including its usage by different social protection agencies.
9. Provide other programming/data analysis support as necessary
10. Provide on-the-job training to new, relevant staff and personnel.
11. Other tasks as necessary depending on changing needs of the project


Consultant will report directly to the Poverty Targeting Systems Technical Specialist. The Consultant will be expected to work full-time during regular business hours. Occasional field trips to other parts of Indonesia may be required.

Key Qualifications:

1. B.A. or M.A. in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or related subjects.
2. Junior Data Analyst: Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience; Senior Data Analyst: 5-8 years of relevant work experience
3. Excellent data analysis skills and familiarity with statistical analysis software packages, especially STATA, or SAS/SPSS. Able to interpret and present economic/statistical information in user-friendly formats such as MS PowerPoint and MS Excel charts.
4. Experience using large scale quantitative socio-economic survey data such as Podes/Susenas/IFLS is preferred.
5. Able to prioritize and manage time efficiently. Can handle multiple tasks effectively and meet deadlines; ability to manage uncertainty and adjust to a changing work program.
6. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia with strong English skills


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