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PT. Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) – Desember 2011

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PT. Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) with operations in Cepu Block, Bojonegoro, East Java, in partnership with Mobil Cepu Ltd.

PEPC is a fast growing national oil and gas company and is expanding its operations.

In order to meet its workforce requirements, we are looking for qualified experienced professionals for immediate employment.

General qualifications:
• Age 28 – 35 year
• Bachelor degree in related disciplines from reputable universities
• Min 5 years experience in related fields, preferably in oil & gas industry
• Good communications and interpersonal skills
• Proficient in English both oral & written
• Willing to work hard and under pressure in individual and/or team environment
• Willing to work in remote areas
• Computer literate

Specific qualifications:
11. Recruitment & Training Sr. Officer
• Bachelor degree in Law/Management/engineering/psychology
• Experience in recruitment and training activities at headquarters and in the field, coordinate with relevant parties to implement the activities

12. HR Services Officer
• Bachelor degree in Law/Management/engineering/psychology
• Experience in receiving and verifying documents related to vacation requests, medical claims, business travel and other reimbursements, and anything that related with personnel administration activities

13. Procurement, Office & Logistic Assistant Manager-General Services
• Bachelor degree in related discipline
• Ability to coordinate all activities of procurement and logistics services/ goods of non engineering/production, ensuring the procurement process carried out in accordance with policies, standard and procedures

17. Budget Controller
• Bachelor degree in petroleum/mechanical engineering/Management/Finance
• Ability to develop, research, analyze and run the company approved budget for operational costs by taking into account financial resources, including allocating resources and estimating future expenditure.

18. Cost & Schedule Coordinator
• Bachelor degree in petroleum/mechanical engineering/Management/Finance
• Ability to create project reports and other related administrative work. providing technical support services to calculate quantitative risk analysis of expenses accurately with appropriate contingency schedule.

20. Account Payable/Account Receivable Supervisor
• Bachelor degree in Finance/Accounting
• Experience in the reconciliation and analysis associated with the account AR/AP, ensure the accuracy of recording transactions and reporting presented on time

21. Accounting Operation Supervisor
• Bachelor degree in Accounting
• Experience in coordinating, monitoring, reviewing cost analysis, margins, including ensuring compatibility between cost and activities; Coordinating the preparation of the presentation system analysis, data and information accurately and be accessed by timely management.

22. Treasury Officer
• Bachelor degree in Accounting
• Experience in managing “cash balance” using planning of payment by taking into account the availability of corporate funds, as well providing inputs/suggestions to anticipate financial market changes/external factors that may on the fund company.

Please submit your application indicating position number applied in the e-mail subject. Please also include your CV, recent photograph, and expected salary by e-mail on 6 January 2012 at the latest to:


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